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 Traveling is something that I love to do, but being stuck on a plane for long periods of time can be uncomfortable. When flying I have a few dos and don’ts. For starters I hate wearing flip flops, I feel like my feet need to be covered for comfort reasons, layering is always a must because you never know how cool it can be, and accessories can take your outfit a long way while also serving a purpose throughout your flight. Below I put together a few outfits in which I would wear for various types of flights. The looks are stylish and put together but are also super comfortable when wearing for long periods of time.

1. Morning Flights  

Top: H&M       Leggings: Lululemon       Shoes: Spring       Hat: American Eagle       Scarf: Lululemon 

Flying first thing in the morning can cause you to want to just roll out of bed and leave with what you’re wearing. But I discovered by just throwing on some leggings, a simple top that is long enough to cover your bum, some comfortable flats, and adding a hat and blanket scarf can take you a long way. The hat is awesome because it can help to tame any hairstyle that you have, and can also be used to add some privacy if you plan on getting some extra shut eye. The scarf makes a perfect blanket or pillow if needed, while also adding a little more to your outfit.

2. Over Night Flight

Top: GAP        Pants: Lululemon        Shoes: UGGS        Jacket: Simons

Traveling when you should be asleep is the worst so you may as well just go all out comfy. Here I have some slim fitting jogging pants which are comfy without being super oversized or heavy, an oversized boxy T for comfort, some UGG loafers to keep my feet warm, and a bomber style leather jacket so add a little something extra for when you land.

 3. Flying Somewhere Warm

Jacket: American Eagle     Top: American Eagle     Pants: H&M     Shoes: Forever 21     Necklace: American Eagle

Picking an outfit when flying somewhere warm can be a bit difficult because you know the plane is going to be cool, but you’re going to be warm once you get to where you’re going. Here I have on some light weight jogger style pants with a sleeveless top, paired with a denim jacket to keep me warm throughout the flight. This outfit is nice because once I land i can simply take off the denim jacket and have a more summery/cooler outfit without wearing a dress or shorts.

4. Flying Somewhere Cold 

Jacket: Michael Kors     Top: GAP     Jeggings: American Eagle     Booties: Forever 21     Scarf: Lord & Taylor

Heading somewhere cold means layers. Here I have on a long sleeve top, jeggings because they are warmer then leggings and more comfortable then jeans, boots to keep my feet warm, and a trench coat and scarf which can be removed as necessary throughout the flight. This outfit is awesome too because you can add layers to it if needed, or simply wear a t-shirt underneath depending on what the temperature may be. 

So there are a few different outfit ideas that I like to consider when traveling. If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comment box below or contact me through any of my social media sites – links are in the top right corner!

– Jacy xo

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Hello there! My name is Jacy Joan and I have a strong passion for all things beauty & fashion related. Alongside beauty & fashion I enjoy traveling, organizing, home decor, reading, living a healthy lifestyle & spending time with my friends & family. After attending College for Business Admin- Marketing and Environmental Science, I have not yet discovered what I plan to do. In hopes of figuring it out I have resulted to spending more time on what I am passionate about and focusing more on my blog. I hope that you enjoy what I have to share! - Jacy Joan xo

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