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This year I really tried to incorporate more natural beauty products into my routine. I find using natural products really helps to improve my skin and hair and it’s nice knowing that the ingredients are beneficial for you. Here are the top 12 products I fell in love with throughout 2015!

 Aveda – Dry Remedy Shampoo & Conditioner

After loving the way my hair felt after leaving a hair salon which used Aveda products I decided to invest in a shampoo & conditioner by their brand. I was recommended the dry remedy line due to having damaged ends from previous hair dyes, and overall naturally curly, frizzy hair. I could not be more impressed with these products, the shampoo and conditioner are both super hydrating without weighing my hair down and making it greasy. With the products being made up of natural ingredients I’ve found my hair to be generally more healthy while managing to regain a lot of my natural curl back which was lost due to years of heat styling.

 Aveda – Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil 

To follow up with the shampoo & conditioner I purchased the Dry Remedy Oil to help with both frizz and dry ends. Not only does this stuff smell great but it does an awesome job at controlling my fly aways while adding moisture to my ends without making my hair weighed down and greasy looking. I apply it right after I shower while my hair is wet and often apply it around day two of not washing my hair while its dry and styled.

Bumble & Bumble – Prêt-à-Powder 

I never thought I would stray from my Lush Dry Shampoo but I cannot get enough of this Bumble and Bumble Prêt-â-Powder. I love this as a dry shampoo because it’s light and smells amazing without being too strong. However, it also doubles as a styling powder. You can add it to your roots to add volume or throughout your hair to create a textured, matte look. Another bonus is it comes in a mini size which is perfect to throw in your bag for on the go.

Eminence – SPF 32 Tropical Vanilla body Sunscreen 

This year I traveled to Orlando, Florida and having sensitive, fair skin I was worried about the suns harsh rays. As much as I love protecting and taking care of my skin I can’t stand the feeling of sticky, smelly sunscreen. While stocking up on some of my Eminence sin care products I discovered that they sell sunscreen. This stuff is amazing, not only did it prevent me from burning while on holiday but it smelt amazing and felt just like normal lotion. The scent is a soft vanilla with a touch of shae butter and absorbs nicely into the skin. It also left my skin feeling super hydrated and smooth. I highly recommend this, especially for daily use in place of your lotion while on holidays.

Eminence – Clear Skin Willow Bark Booster Serum
Having sensitive skin it tends to get red pretty often. This serum not only helps to reduce the redness in my face but it also helps to keep my face moisturized and clear. Although it is a little pricey a little goes a long way with this. Most times I’ll mix it with a few drops of water or some matyfying mist for during the day. In the evenings or winter time (drier months) I will often mix a little bit of moisturizer in with it. I highly recommend this if you have sensitive skin.

Newco – Brocco Fusion Sulforaphane Ointment

This natural healthy balm is meant to help cuts and burns but really played a major roll in helping to cure my acne. It helps to take down the redness and swelling without causing any stinging or burning. I apply it to any spots i have before bed and with just one application it helps to bring it down. The awesome thing about this product is that it is safe to use anywhere on your body and is so universal (also works great on dry cuticles and scars). This item is super handy to have in your makeup bag.

Saje – Peppermint Tingle Lips

You will never need another lip balm in your life once you have this one. Nothing cures my chapped lips like this stuff. It provides the perfect amount of moisture without feeling too greasy. Not only does it work well but the peppermint leaves a refreshing scent and flavour behind.

Beauty Blender – Black

I was a little late on the game with this one but since I’ve made the switch I haven’t been able to use anything else when applying my foundation. It creates such a flawless airbrushed look without causing your makeup to be cakey or thick. I love how it is also super easy to clean and pack for traveling. I even use it for power foundation and concealer. I highly recommend this product for anyone who used liquid foundation.

Nars – Orgasm Blush/ Laguna Bronzer Duo

I have no idea how I didn’t find this product sooner. Almost everyone I know loves this product and now I know why. This creates the most gorgeous natural bronze colour that provides more of a warm undertone then a yellow one which is perfect. I feel like I can apply this bronzer all over without it looking fake or orange. I can’t say enough good things about this product and love how it lasts all day.

Tarte – Maracujá Creaseless Concealer (Light-Medium Neutral)

I’ve never used a concealer that eliminates redness and imperfections without looking cakey or causing irritations until this one. The formula is super nice and smooth with medium-full coverage and lasts for hours. Not only is it waterproof but it leaves a natural finish that doesn’t appear too oily or powdery. The organic formula in this product is also perfect for my sensitive skin.

 Tarte – Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara

I had heard a ton of good things about this mascara and finally decided to try it out. I found this mascara to be one of the best all around mascaras that I’ve tried. It lengthens and adds volumes to my lashes without making them clumpy. I love the brush because its small enough to reach the inner corners of my eyes without transferring onto my eyelids and also works great on my bottom lashes. One thing I found with this mascara was that it doesn’t hold the curl of my lashes throughout the day but I feel like if I switched to the water proof version I wouldn’t have this problem. I also love how easy and gently it is to wash off.

Revlon – Lip Butter (Juicy Papaya, Sweet Tart, Raspberry Pie)
These lip butters were amazing. They were always my go to for going out or during the day. The formula is a lot like a lip balm so it provides moisture all day long. Once the lip stick wore off a little the colour left a gentle stain so that there was still pigmentation to your lips without the sheerness of the lip butter. Super easy to wear and apply on the go, only downside is that the formula is super soft and one melted in it’s case.

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