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Hats seem to be a huge trend this year, ranging from fedoras to oversized floppy ones. Although these hats can be super cute when added to the right outfit, they can make it more difficult to style your hair – especially if you plan to take the hat off some time throughout the day and are left with hat hair.  Below are 6 different ways in which I like to style both straight and curly hair when wearing a hat, especially for fall!

1. Fish Tail Braid  

To do this hairstyle simply pull all of your hair to one side. From there divide the hair into two and take small pieces from either side and add to the other. Repeat this step all the way down your hair. Make sure you keep your hair to the one side otherwise it won’t sit right. Once you reach the end of your hair secure it with a small elastic. Lightly tug pieces of the braid to make it look more full and feel free to pull small pieces out at the front to give it a slightly messier look.

2. Double Ponytails

This one it super easy to do and helps to keep your hair under control. Start this hair style with the hat on so that the hair elastics aren’t too tight. Once the hat is on divide your hair in half and bring in front of your shoulders. From here you simply put an elastic band around the hair on either side. To keep the look less put together pull the elastics to below your jaw line. This look is perfect for smaller brimmed hats because it prevents your hair from looking like its overpowering the hat (I struggle with this because of how much hair I have).

3. Double Braid

For this look you’re going to start with the hat on and parting the hair to either side and pulling to the front of your shoulders. From here you do a normal braid down to the ends of your hair. Lastly secure the braids with small elastics. With this hairstyle I like to keep the braids clean looking while making sure that no loose ends fall out in the front.

4. Hidden Half Updo

This look may seem like I just have it down and curled, however, under the hat I have a small pony with half of my hair pulled back. To do this i part my hair from just below my eye brow and pull it to the back of my head. From there I just secure it with a small elastic. The elastic bit gets covered my the hat so you can’t see it. I love this one because it keeps the hair from falling into the front of your face but allows it to look like all of your hair is down.

5. Messy Low Bun

Again with smaller brimmed hats its hard to prevent your hairstyle from overpowering your hat, so a low bun is an awesome hairstyle to use. I start this by having the hat on so that I know where to the place the bun. From there I pull all of my hair to the back and twist it into a messy bun and secure it with a couple twist pins. Lastly I pull a few pieces out in the front to keep the style more casual.

6. Boho Curls

For this look I curled my hair with a one inch curling wand and braided 2-3 small pieces on each side. After securing the brain with small hair elastics I wrapped each braid around the curling wand for a few seconds to help shape the braids with the curls. The braids give the look a boho vide while still keeping the look put together.


Brown: American Eagle                Grey: American Eagle                          Black: GUESS

So there are 6 simple hairstyles I like to wear with floppy hats throughout the fall. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them in the comment box below and don’t forget to follow me on all of my social media sites!

– Jacy xo

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