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Eating healthier was definitely high on my list when starting 2016. For me it wasn’t about eating a certain way to lose weight, but more so to feel better since certain foods tend to make me feel poorly. One of the hardest foods to try and eliminate from my diet was bread, especially for sandwiches. A great substitute I found for making sandwiches was Wasa Bread. Wasa is a bread-like cracker that comes in various flavours from sourdough to rye. I love that it provides a crunch which helps to curb cravings without being terrible for you. Not only is it lighter then a bread, it is higher in fibre while being only 30 calories per slice. For lunch I love having a wasa bread sandwich, it is light, refreshing, and delicious. Below is one of many ways I like to enjoy my wasa bread sandwich:

Wasa Bread

Sweet Onion Mustard

Cooked Turkey Deli Meat

Shredded Mozzarella

Romain Lettuce

Cherry Tomatoes

Fresh Ground Pepper

I love having 2 of these as a meal with a side of soup or salad, or even just one throughout the day as a snack! The wasa bread is also delicious with tuna. The only difficult part is that the bread is more like a cracker so if you pre-make these for your lunch it will cause it to go soggy, so I definitely recommend making this right before you plan on eating.

I hope you enjoyed this quick little lunch idea! If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below or on one of my social media sites – links are in the top right corner!

– Jacy xo

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Hello there! My name is Jacy Joan and I have a strong passion for all things beauty & fashion related. Alongside beauty & fashion I enjoy traveling, organizing, home decor, reading, living a healthy lifestyle & spending time with my friends & family. After attending College for Business Admin- Marketing and Environmental Science, I have not yet discovered what I plan to do. In hopes of figuring it out I have resulted to spending more time on what I am passionate about and focusing more on my blog. I hope that you enjoy what I have to share! - Jacy Joan xo

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