Lifestyle | My 2013!

Looking back on 2013 it is safe to say it was yet another fabulous year!

 Most of the things that went on throughout 2013 were firsts for me, so here they are in the order that they happened 🙂



Got my wisdom teeth out – this was the first time I had any kind of procedure done, but I’ll be honest, the after effect was hilarious.


February consisted of a ton of studying for my grade 12 Diplomas… And maybe a little preparing for Los Angelus.


Went to sunny Los Angelus, California – I fell in love with the City and plan to go back many more times.


Got perspiration glasses.

Glasses are by Michael Kors

Got my 3rd tattoo thanks to  my wonderful aunt.

I have a key, and my aunt has the lock.

At random, my parents and I went to the gun range and I shot my first hand gun – I am now completely in love with this sport and am surprisingly good at it.

Quit my first job after two years of working there – it was on good terms considering I needed time for school and I was moving to another city.


Graduated from the same High School as my entire family, and received honours of 86%.

Went on a graduation trip with my grad class to Cuba, this was also the first time leaving the country without my parents.

This was such an amazing experience to be in one place away from home, with all my friends!


My family and I moved out of the house my brother and I grew up in and we moved into a brand new home.

Attended a week long country music festival that I attend every year and saw many country music stars including: Tim McGraw, Luke Brian, and Alan Jackson.

Turned 18! Which is legal age in the province that I live in.

Night started out as a girls night and grew quickly to include all my friends and family.

For my 18th Birthday my wonderful Aunt and two younger cousins took me to a Selena Gomez concert, she was absolutely amazing.

Moved again, this time 6 hours away from my parents, to live with my grandparents and attend college.


Started my first semester of College – enrolled in Business.

I got blonde highlights after having my natural hair colour for over 5 years, not to sure if this was the best idea.

Also went home for the first time since moving away.

While I was home I was able to see my good friend Dakota and his band: On the Rocks, perform in one of the local bars!

November consisted mostly of preparing for final exams.

I was fortunate to fly home for the holidays and catch up with my family and friends, and also do some much needed resting. I also participated in the Santa’s Anonymous for my community.

December was also when I chose to start this blog! It was a well thought over decision and I am very glad I chose to do it.

So there were a few fun things that happened throughout my 2013, I’m proud to say I had a successful year and I hope that 2014 is just as good!

Leave any questions, comments, or suggestions for future blogs below!

– Jacy xo 

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Hello there! My name is Jacy Joan and I have a strong passion for all things beauty & fashion related. Alongside beauty & fashion I enjoy traveling, organizing, home decor, reading, living a healthy lifestyle & spending time with my friends & family. After attending College for Business Admin- Marketing and Environmental Science, I have not yet discovered what I plan to do. In hopes of figuring it out I have resulted to spending more time on what I am passionate about and focusing more on my blog. I hope that you enjoy what I have to share! - Jacy Joan xo

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