Beauty | My Top 15 Products of 2013

Seeing as another year is almost to an end I thought I would share my top 15 products that I’ve used and repurchased throughout the year!
(These products are not listed in any particular order)

1. Matrix Biolage Hydrotherapie Shampoo and Detangling Solution
I have used this line of shampoo and conditioner since I can remember. Having naturally curly hair I find that my hair lacks in shine, and is often dry and frizzy. This shampoo and creamy conditioner contains aloe and passion fruit which helps to tame the frizz while providing moisture and shine without weighing down my hair. It also smells amazing and is suitable for colour treated hair!
Purchased from Chatters hair salon for $32 for 2 1L bottles.

2. Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Hair Serum
(seeing as I flew home for the holidays I did not pack the giant bottle and instead used a travel container to put some product in, but this is the original bottle)
This is another product that I have indulged in for many years. I use this on towel dried hair to help tame my frizz and to provide a healthy shine to my hair. I also apply it to dry, styled hair if I am feeling that my hair is still looking a little dull. It smells great and provides the necessary shine without looking greasy or unnatural.
Purchased from Chatters hair salon for $26 for 150mL (also carries smaller sizes for cheaper prices.)

3. GUESS Perfume in Seductive
(seeing as I flew home for the holidays I did not pack the giant bottle and instead used a travel container to put some product in, but this is the original bottle)
This perfume is probably my all-time favourite, and if you are able to get your hands on it I highly recommend grabbing a bottle. This perfume, like all GUESS products, is currently going out of stock in GUESS stores, but can still be found in drug stores, online, and at Winners. Seductive is a softer scent, with a combination of fruit, flowers and vanilla. It’s light enough to wear everyday (and in no way over powering/ does not have an alcohol scent to it) but by adding an extra pump it is suitable for an evening out. I continuously get compliments on this perfume!
Purchased at Shoppers Drug Mart for $65 for a 50 ml (when the perfume first came out).
Repurchased at Winners for $25 for a 75mL (recently).

4. Jergens Natural Glow Body Lotion
This lotion is a life saver! While moisturizing your skin it provides a gradual natural tan. I apply this after I have showered and exfoliated my skin, for probably 5-7 days straight (after 5-7 days I have the colour I like), then a go 2 days without the product (to prevent from going too dark) and it provides me with a very natural glow. I am naturally a very pale person so this helps me to maintain colour throughout the cold, gloomy, Canadian winters without having to use harmful/expensive tanning beds. I use the fair to medium tone, but it is offered in darker tones as well. This product is also very hydrating and contains a light floral scent.
Purchased at Shoppers Drug Mart for $12.

5. Saje Natural Wellness Zap

This stuff is AMAZING. This is a blend of essential oils used for acne and blemishes. Although it has a strong, earthy smell to it, it works wonders. I put this on any spots I have after I have washed and toned by face and before I put on my face cream. It minimizes pimples and reduces redness, and even makes some blemishes disappear over night. Due to the strong scent of essential oils that it gives off I only apply this at night and am sure to wash it off good the next morning.
Purchased from Saje for $19.95.

6. Benefit the POREfessional Pro Balm

This balm is great to help minimize pores as well as it creates a smooth canvas for your foundation and concealer. I only apply it to my t-zone as that area seems to need the most attention and to reduce the amount of the product that I use seeing as it is expensive. It is a ver light, smooth texture and is tinted beige although it does not show up when applied to skin. It helps to create a smooth, flawless look with my foundation.
Purchased from Shoppers Drug Mart for $36.

7. Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation

This would have to be the lightest, most breathable foundation I have ever used, which is probably why ‘Hello Flawless, Oxygen Wow” is in the name. It manages to cover well, creating a flawless finish, without feeling like I have a lot of makeup on. It does say it is a light overage foundation but with a little concealer it creates a flawless finish without the cakey look, or you can simply build up the foundation.
Purchased from Shoppers Drug Mart for $36.

8. MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

A little truly goes a long way with this product, and it can cover almost anything! I use this product on any blemishes and under my eyes. It covers wonderfully, and because it is fairly thick looking I use it under my foundation so that the foundation smooths it out and gives a more natural finish.
Purchased from MAC for $23.

9. Rimmel London Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder

This product is fairly cheap for the over all quality that it provides. This powder lasts me all day and doesn’t give off a cakey look. Although the products case isn’t the best (no mirror and the lid falls off often) I love this product and purchase in 001 Transparent so that I can wear it all year long. It sets my makeup perfectly, sealing in the flawless matte look.
Purchased from Walmart for $6.

10. Benefit Hoola Bronzer

This would have to be the best bronzer I will ever use. I love it because it gives a natural glow with no orangey tinge to it. It blends easily and I find a little goes a long way with this product. I use it to contour my nose and then light brush over my temples and in the crease of my cheeks to give a natural glow.

11. MAC Eyeshadow in Nylon Frost

I prefer neutral coloured eyeshadow and Nylon Frost from MAC would have to be my go to eyeshadow for anything. I use it in the inner corner of my eye and blend it out for a subtle bright and shimmery look. For a brighter look I will first apply white eyeliner in my inner corners and add the shadow on top as well as ling my inner lower lash line with the liner and shadow.
Purchased from MAC for $18.

12. MAC Rapidblack Penultimate Eye Liner

This eye liner pen can do anything from a simple line to the perfect winged look. It is so easy and quick to apply and makes a clean line every time unlike many liquid liner applicators. You can go from a simple day look to a more dramatic night look in just seconds. It is also water resistant and smudge proof so it will last you all day and all night.
Purchased from MAC for $23.

13. Benefit BAD Gal Lash

(I am home for the holidays so I have my travel sized version)
This mascara can make anyone look as though they have false lashes on. I personally have long eyelashes but they are very thin, and a couple coats of this mascara makes it look as though I have full voluminous lashes. It is rather expensive but it does wonders.
Purchased from Shoppers Drug Mart for $26.

14. Essie Nail Polish

(these are just the few colours and glitters that I took home with me for the holidays)
Seeing as it is high quality and has a beautiful array of colours, this would have to be my favourite line of nail polishes. I personally prefer any of the nude colours from this brand, and I will always match the nude colours with an attention grabbing glitter to put on my fourth finger to make a statement.
Purchased from Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, Superstore for $7-$8.

15. Dior Addict Lip Glow

Hands down have to be my favourite product of 2013! This is not necessarily
a ‘lipstick’ seeing as the colour appears different on everyone depending on the chemistry of their lips. It is so moisturizing and natural looking that I wear it everyday and everywhere and it just feels like I have chap stick on. I apply it in the morning before I leave the house and I rub it in with my finger and it lasts all day long, proving a beautiful natural shade of pink with a slight gloss to it. I HIGHLY recommend this balm for anybody, and it is definitely my go-to gift for girl friends this Christmas.
Purchased from Shoppers Drug Mart fro $35.

So there are 15 of my favourite products from 2013. I highly recommend all of them to anyone who is willing to splurge on a makeup product or two. They will also make perfect gifts for any makeup lover!

If you have any questions or comments about the products above feel free to leave them in the comment box below 🙂
– Jacy xo


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