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Jasper is known to be one of the top places to visit in Canada. Not only does it provide beautiful scenery and wildlife but it also provides countless adventures to go on. This is one of those trips where you leave all the non important things at home, like your laptop and makeup, and just bring camping gear and a good camera. Here is what I did while in Jasper during the summer of 2014.

Whistler Campground

This was the campground we stayed in. Although Jasper has both hotels and lodges to rent the best way to experience what Jasper has to offer is to camp. The site was right at the base of mountain and across the road from the Athabasca River which made it a great place to spot wildlife. It’s location was about 5 minutes from town and was also close to several hiking trails.

Old Fort Point

On the first day we headed to Old Fort Point for our first hike. This loop is 4km and takes roughly 1-2 hours. Throughout the hike you’ll get to experience perfect lookout spots as well as gorgeous, lush forest. We started by hiking up a large open  hill which overlooked the town as well as the Athabasca River. From here the descent of the trail takes you down through thick, beautiful forest cloaked in coniferous and deciduous trees and moss covered rock.The trail contains both wide, flat paths as well as narrow steep grades. This hike was both relaxing and slightly challenging and was the perfect way to start our trip.


Another feature which makes Jasper so special is the shopping, here you won’t find any chain stores or department stores. Everything is locally owned and known as ‘Mom & Pop Shops’, you’ll still find everything you need whether it be hiking supplies or an outfit for a night out!

Athabasca Falls 

The Athabasca Falls is one of the more touristy attractions that Jasper has to offer. These falls are the largest in Jasper and fall over 75 feet. Here you can walk around the fenced path and bridges and explore the falls from all angles. You can even feel the mist in some areas.

White Water Rafting 

One of the more adventurous things we did was go white water rafting down the Athabasca River. We chose the lowest level (most calm ride) in order to accommodate all of my family members, but we had such an awesome time here. We had such a funny guide who also knew plenty about Jasper and some of it’s history which made the ride both fun and educational. About half way through the ride we had so many laughs with him that he started to control the boat so that certain rapids would hit certain people, it was definitely good fun and I plan to go up a level next time I visit.

Horseshoe Lake

Horseshoe Lake is a hidden lake a few kilometres outside of the town of Jasper. All you see when you arrive is a little dirt parking lot on the side of the road and from there you take about a 5-10 minute hike where you are taken to this beautiful, open, cliff area. I have never seen such a beautiful place before, from the colours of the rocks and trees, to the mountains in the background. The view was breathtaking. This was the perfect place to visit on a hot day. The cliff vary in height and are perfect for cliff jumping into the clear waters. The lake is formed in a horseshoe shape which you can also hike around.

Jasper Sky Tram 

The Sky Tram would have to be an obvious must when visiting Jasper. The tram takes you 2277 metres up the mountain (you can also hike it) where you can get one of the best views down into the town of Jasper. Here at the Upper Station you have access to a restaurant and gift shop and a wrap around walking area where you can get a 360 degree view of what Jasper has to offer. From here you can hike further up to experience the views of Whistlers Mountain’s Alpine Tundra. Here you’ll definitely experience snow so dress for the occasion. While up at the Upper Station we got to read up on lots of facts about the area and mountains so it was interesting to get a bit of history about Jasper while here.

Maligne Lake 

This was not something that I had expected to do while visiting Jasper. Here we took a boat tour to a small island. Throughout the journey we were shown various mountains, trails, and waterfalls. Once at the island we were given some time to get off of the boat and walk the small trail to take in some amazing sights that Maligne Lake had to offer. This location was beautiful even though we went on a gloomier day. It was interesting to because we were the only Canadians on the tour! This is definitely one of the more touristy things to do while in Jasper.

Maligne Canyon 

Not far from Maligne Lake is Maligne Canyon. Here you can walk a 1-2 hour long trail where you will experience various waterfalls, underground stream outlets, fossils, and beautiful greenery all while following, and crossing over, a river that can be up to 50 meters deep in some areas. This was one of my favourite walks we did while in Jasper because it was not only relaxing to hear the rush of the water but interesting to see how the water has changed throughout the years which is evident through the different rock structures. We went just before sunset which meant we had the entire place to ourselves and truly got to enjoy what this place had to offer.

Glacier Skywalk

This glass walkway is a new attraction that the Rockies have to offer. Hanging over 900 feet over the side of the mountain this glass walkway allows you to see the mountains from a closer view. Here you have access to see several mountains, waterfalls, river, and a lake all while being provided with an audio guide so that you don’t miss anteing that this attraction has to offer. While we were here we even got to see mountain goats directly below us while on the walkway. I even encourage people who are afraid of heights to attempt this because the view is worth it.

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge 

If you’re looking for a relaxing evening walk, or perhaps a more leisurely place to stay then I strongly recommend this place. This beautiful hotel offers a golf course, gift shops, a spa, and overall just amazing views of the lake and mountains. Here we took advantage of the walking trail and spent the evening slowly making our way around the lake and taking photos of the scenery.

Mt. Edith Cavell 

We ended our trip with one final hike. The Edith Cavell hike takes you up the mountain side where you are able to have access to the glaciers as well as several light water falls. A few years ago the mountain side gave way and caused the trail to be covered in ruble. You can still hike the trail and along the way there are several sit down areas, waterfalls, and great views.

So there was a rather long list of all of the things that I got to do while visiting Jasper, Canada. I hope that this has inspired you to visit Canada’s beautiful rockies! If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below or on one of my social media sites – links are in the top right corner!

– Jacy xo

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