Travel | Vancouver, Canada

English Bay

Whether your staying near english bay, spending the day there or just walking through it, it has some of the most gorgeous sunsets. This populated area has restaurants, volleyball nets, umbrella and chair rentals, boat rentals and a paved path for you to enjoy. I’d reccomend coming in the evening, finding a spot in the sand or on a bench and watch the sunset.

Fly Over Canada
This little attraction is a must. Especially if you’re knew to Canada. It is a seated ride that makes it feel like you are flying in a hang glider. You’re elevated over a giant screen that displays scenes of Canada from coast to coast. This soaring experience is a must see and can be located down in Canada Place.


Gastown is a little shopping area that is known for it’s Whistling Steam Clock. Here you can find cobblestone paths that lead you to art galleries and gift shops. At the top of every hour you can see the steam come from the top of the clock.

Granville Island

Ganville Island is a public market located on a small island. The market is packed with fresh produce, baked goods, souvenirs, handmade items, art, food to eat on the go and so much more. To get here I took a mini tug boat ferry from David Lam park which cost only $3.50 for a one way trip. If you plane on doing round trip it is $5.50 from this location.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

This is a must when visiting Vancouver, Canada. This series of rope suspension bridges throughout the tree tops is a breath taking experience. You have the photo _____ suspension bridge and then you have the tree top adventure that consists of various mini suspension bridges with tree top platforms connecting them all. Both are amazing experiences and once you’re done there’s a gift shop and an outdoor cafe for you to enjoy.

Grouse Mountain
Taking the gondola up to Grouse Mountain is definitely worth the views, grizzly attraction and even just an afternoon lunch that surrounds you with gorgeous mountain tops and fresh air. While up here we walked along paved paths, that at this time of the year was fenced with snow banks, and watched the two grizzly rescues sun bathe. We also grabbed a quick bite to eat while up here. Round trip the gondola cost $25 however there are additional excursions you can do while here. Grouse Mountain also offers: hiking, biking trails, zip lines, the sky deck and so much more.

Lynn Canyon

If you have time for a light hike or even just looking for another suspension bridge I’d reccomend Lynn Canyon. Its a small hike in a loop that can either start or end with a suspension bridge. The path is clearly marked, had a boardwalk style path at some points and provides the most beautiful scenery containing lush forest, rivers, and small waterfalls throughout.

Live Concert – P!ink

There are concerts constantly within the city so if you’re visiting check out the Rogers Arena and see who’s playing. In this case we came to Vancouver to specifically see the P!nk concert!


 Fresh Slice Pizza-663 Abbott Street

While waiting for the concert at Rogers Arena we decided to stop and get a bite to eat and ended up finding the best little pizza place. The pizza was by the slice and was some of the most delicious pizza I’ve ever had. If i were to go back I would find this place again just for a slice.


For a little day trip we decided to head to Whistler for the day. This little town is definitely a ski town. While walking around the shops we saw tons of people walking around with their boards and skis heading to the hill nearby, even though it was 30 degrees outside. Here we shopped around, looked through gift shops and had lunch as we enjoyed the chilled environment and mountain views.

Stanley Park Bike Ride

A must before leaving Vancouver. Find the nearest bike rental shop (there’s plenty), rent a bike and a helmet and hit the bike path. The paved path can take about two hours to complete and does a complete loop around the bay area including views of the water, mountains, city and overall is a relaxing journey. Feel free to stop and sit on the beach, hit one of the outdoor gyms or just people watch on your trip.

Sunset on the Beach in English Bay

If you’re staying near the water you have to spend an evening on the beach. The sunset gorgeously falls behind the mountains as it lights up the bay. You’ll see tons of people here playing volleyball, sitting on the lawn, or down in the sand relaxing and enjoying the last few moments of sun. Definitely a meditative experience.

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