Travel | Seattle, Washington 2018

Stay By the Pier
If you want to be where all the action is then I would reccomend staying near the pier. The hotel options are older within this region however the history behind it all is amazing. You can wake up early and grab a coffee from the original Starbucks just a few blocks over and stay up late enjoying the night life at various bars or on the Great Wheel at night.

Great Wheel
Day or night you can ride the Great wheel which allows you to get sky high views of the inner city as well as the ocean. Located at Pier 57 with loads of attractions around it it is worth the wait in line take a seat in the inclosed glass gondola.


Wings Over Washington
Also located on Pier 57 Wings Over Washington is a ride simulator which makes you feel as though you are soaring over various sights that Washington has to offer. The right consists of sitting belted into a seat which then raises up towards a screen. throughout the ride you feel various motions which includes scents and wind to provide a realistic feeling to the whole experience. Wont lie we did this one a few times!

Seattle Aquarium
It tends to rain a lot in Seattle so if you catch yourself there on a gloomy day I would highly reccomend attending the aquarium down on the pier. Here you can spend as much or as little time as you like observing the under water creatures they house. Also keep in mind they offer show times and feeding at various times throughout the day so if there is a certain critter (like the sea otters) you’d like to see these may be the best times to go.

Argosy Cruise Harbour Tour
If you have some time to kill check out the Argosy Cruises. These boat cruises take you along the harbour of Seattle with a live audio guide sharing Seattle’s history, the story of the skyline, container ships and you may even a chance to see some wildlife. On board there is indoor and outdoor seating, food, beverages and alcohol.

Hop-On Hop-Off
Not only is this a great way to gain insight on the history of the city, it is also a great form of transportation to get it major areas and attractions. You can choose to ride on the double decker bus with a single or two-day pass starting at only $35.66 and experience over 33 different stops throughout various areas of the city between the times of 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Space Needle
A must when you visit Seattle and also included in one of the hop-on-hop-off stops. Go up 605 feet up the needle to experience 360 degree views of the city. Go during the day to see as far of the harbour or at night to see the city lights. It costs $32.50-$37.50 or you can purchase a package deal which includes the Chihuly Gardens and Glass for $59.

Chihuly Gardens and Glass
Take a stroll through the exhibit of blown glass mixed with exterior gardens and experience its true art form. Located right next to the Space Needle you can purchase a duo ticket which allows access to both. It costs $22-$32 or you can purchase a package deal which includes the Space Needle for $59.

Concerts or Sports Games
Regardless of what time you go to Seattle there is guaranteed to be a concert going on, whether inside or outside. If you’re more into sports you may get the chance to attend on of Seattle’s soccer, hockey, football or even baseball games. While there I attended the Ed Sheeran concert at Century Link outdoor stadium.

Sea Food
You’re right by the ocean why would you not indulge in some seafood of some sort. I would reccomend one of the local ¬†restaurants down on the pier to guarantee some of the freshest seafood.

Smith Tower (and chair)
Climb up the steep streets of Seattle to get to the Smith Tower. This was Seattles first skyscraper, built in 1914, and was the tallest in America outside of New York City. For $20 you walk through exhibits on the early Prohibition and the technology that helped to advance the city, then ride up the 484 ft tower past the hundreds of office buildings up to the top where you can walk 360 degrees outside the tower to view the city. Also indulge in a lunch or beverage at the speakeasy style bar at the top. The cost is $20 per person and you can spend as much time as you like exploring.

Under Ground Tour
I never even knew this existed until I got to Seattle but it was probably the highlight of the trip. Attend a guided underground walking tour that explores was Seattle used to be before a fire blazed through the city forcing them to build on top of itself. Walk through what used to be their streets and enter the old banks and bars and learn about their previous sewer and tides problem. In addition the guide is lead by a comedic team that will make you leaving the tour full of facts and laughing. The Bill Speidel’s Underground tour is a must attend for $22 per person. For an addition fee you can add on the Paranormal package.

Gum Wall
How can you visit Seattle and not stop by the famous Gum Wall. Located in Post Alley under Pike Place Market in Downtown Seattle here is the place to have a photo op and maybe even leave your mark if you have some gum handy.

Pike Place Market
Walk this famous free public market and browse amongst the farmers markets, fresh meats, crafts, various highstalls or grab a quick bite to eat. While here you can experience the local busters and see Rachel the famous piggybank. Guaranteed this place has something to offer for everyone.

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