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Kangaroo Point
This area is located near Story Bridge and skirts along the Brisbane River. It is a great location to park if you plan to walk along the bridge or catch a ferry to reach Eagle Street Pier. It also offers walking trails, playgrounds and the Kangaroo Point Cliffs which are used for climbing or a viewing point of Fortitude Valley.

IMG-8548 Story Bridge
Story Bridge is the heritage listed bridge which crosses the Brisbane River connecting Kangaroo Park to Fortitude Valley. Although it’s main purpose is to carry traffic between the two areas it also offers a scenic path to walk across and observe the city and river views.

Brisbane City Botanic Gardens
This is a heritage listed garden located along the Brisbane river and just down from Kangaroo Point. The park offers wide open green space with a bamboo groves, fig trees, ponds and and even a stage area where you can catch live music and food trucks. Would highly recommend taking a stroll through this area if you’re in need of an escape from the city.

Queen Street Mall
This is the ultimate hub for tourists within the city of Brisbane. Here there are nearly 1000 stores ranging from high end fashion to small souvenir shops stretching over several blocks. Amongst the stores you’ll find street performers, souvenir shops and restaurants and bars.

James Street Markets
Another popular shopping destination is the James Street Markets. Here you will find a central market where you can find fresh goods with streets in all directions containing fashion and beauty stores as well as restaurants and bars. Really enjoyed morning brunch in this area as well as an afternoon drink.

IMG-8487Eat Street Market
If you haven’t heard of the Eat Street Markets in Brisbane then you are missing out. This place has rows and rows of various food venders with everything from pizza to dumplings to gelato. Food from all around the world lives here and if you aren’t interested in just eating you’ll find loads of entertainment whether that be a local DJ, up and coming bands, dancers, balloon artists and more. Definitely family friendly and only a $2 entry fee. Also fun to get various dishes and sharing with a friend that way you get to try more foods!

Eagle Street Pier
This beautiful pier that lines the Brisbane river and provides a gorgeous walkway with endless restaurants and bars with a river view. Be mindful of cyclists in this area but enjoy it non the less. Here you are also able to catch ferries to cross the river to go to areas such as kangaroo point.

IMG-8567Brisbane City Hall & Clock Tower
Located in the heart of Brisbane city is the town hall featuring it’s well known clock tower. Here you can walk through the Brisbane Museum and learn the history behind the city. It is free to do so and often enough they will have some sort of free event out front to enjoy as well. For example when we were there Air Canada had set up an ice skating rink and a snow hill to slide down. If you get to city hall early enough you may be able to get yourself a pass to have a guided tour up the clock tower for free. There are only so many spots to hand out a day so make sure you get there early if you do desire.

Of course there is so much more to see and do within the Brisbane area, this is just what we got up to the few times we would drive into the city for the day.
In addition most of these things are free to do!

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  1. Great post and fantastic photos! Brisbane looks like a great city to explore, if only it wasn’t that far away from Ireland. Thanks for sharing and fueling my wanderlust 😊 Aiva


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