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I never thought after living abroad for a year that I would return home to be house bound in my parents basement with my partner for an unforeseen amount of time. I understand we are all unsatisfied with the current situation and I am truly grateful that both Matthew and I made it to Canada before this pandemic took off but gosh we sure are getting stir crazy. After throwing myself a personal pity party and having unnecessary arguments with my partner/quarantine buddy I decided to put together a list of things to do during this time and thought I would share it with you. I hope this helps you all to stay inside so we can get through this as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Read a book: Everyone here has to have a book laying around that they haven’t had the time to sit down and read. So sit down and read. Or if you’re active try an audiobook. What better time to get lost in a book and be distracted from the world then now.

Be Creative: Get those creative juices flowing. Whether it’s writing, drawing, painting or even just doing a puzzle. Use your brain in some way and enjoy it.

Get Active: I know the last thing we want to do right now is get those bodies moving but you need endorphins right now more then ever. Its easy to get stuck in a slump and stay in your bed but its amazing how a simple 20 minute yoga routine or mini workout can make a difference. It is not only going to get your endorphins pumping and improve your mood but it’s also going to help prevent your body from stiffing up for those of you working from home or stuck on the couch.

Go Outside: I know this is an iffy one given the current situation but do a quick stroll around your neighbourhood or through some trails where you live. Fresh air and sunlight will do you wonders. Obviously obey any policies your city/town has in place and avoid public gathering areas such as parks and play grounds. You’ll be amazed how stepping outside for just a few minutes will improve your mood.

Socialize While Social Distancing: Take this time to reach out to people. Make it your old school friends or simply a family member you wish to visit at this time. Everyone is going through this the same time that you are so you may as well take the time to catch up. Can be a simple phone call or make it a video group chat. You can even go to the extent of planning a theme like wine and cheese night or game night.

Me Time: It is okay during this time to just want to do your own thing. Whether that be binge watching everything there is to watch on Netflix or simply staying in bed for an entire day. Maybe even just take time out of your day to light a candle and write in your journal or meditate is all you need for your ‘me’ time. Whatever it may be take the time you need to do it. We may as well take advantage of the down time while we have it and remember to be kind to yourself during these times.

Have a Schedule: For the first time probably ever we have been completely stricken of any form of scheduling and planning. So as much as we may be enjoying the down time it can cause a damper on our mental and physical health eventually so try to create a new at home schedule. Set alarms for Monday-Friday or like you would for your regular work schedule (doesn’t have to be as early of course). Start your day will a routine and then pencil things in throughout your day that you would like to complete. Could be going for a walk, cleaning the bathroom, doing a morning workout. Whatever you like just put into some form of schedule or to do list. This will help you to keep motivated and also better prepare you for when things go back to the way they were. It’s important to feel like you’re accomplishing things especially if you’re not working.

Learn Something New: Now is the time to pickup the guitar and learn to play it. It will not only keep you busy but also challenge your brain. You could choose anything from learning an instrument, new language or even how to knit. Even reading a new book can teach you something. To top it off there are loads of free lessons for such things through various apps, YouTube and websites such as Skill Share or Master Class which could spark inspiration. Even my local Facebook groups have been offering free video lessons so you would be surprised by what you could find in your own community.

Organize: I’d be shocked if you haven’t already gotten to this point but now is the time to deep clean your entire home and organize. Scrub those floor boards, wipe down your walls, do all of the silly things you never have time for when you usually clean your home. On top of it you’ve never spent more time in your home then now so reorganize the things you find cluttered or difficult to navigate. Also consider making a donation bag for when this is over. There is bound to be people out there in need.

I hope that these few activities help keep you occupied during these trying times and just remember be kind to yourselves and we will get through this. If you have anything that you enjoy doing quarantine please feel free to leave them in the comments below. We can never have too many options!

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Hello there! My name is Jacy Joan and I have a strong passion for all things beauty & fashion related. Alongside beauty & fashion I enjoy traveling, organizing, home decor, reading, living a healthy lifestyle & spending time with my friends & family. After attending College for Business Admin- Marketing and Environmental Science, I have not yet discovered what I plan to do. In hopes of figuring it out I have resulted to spending more time on what I am passionate about and focusing more on my blog. I hope that you enjoy what I have to share! - Jacy Joan xo

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