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About four months ago I made the switch to Olaplex hair products. I heard so many ladies raving about it and even noticed it being used in various salons. Friends with all different hair types: coloured, bleached, curly, straight, dry and oily were all loving the products so I thought I would give it a try.

The theory behind the Olaplex Bond Building products is that they use active chemistry that works on a molecular level to repair your hair and the broken bonds that it may have due to heat, chemical or physical damage. If you’re not familiar with Olaplex you may notice that there is no No. 1 or No. 2 and that’s because those products are actually used in salons and is added to your hair dye and used after dying hair in the rinsing process. Neither of those steps apply to myself.

For starters I have thick, wavy/curly hair that is not dyed or chemically treated in anyway. Although these products may not benefit me to their full extent I do find my hair is drier then most, slightly sun and heat damaged and I struggle with frizz and dullness.

No. 3 | Hair Perfector
Wow does my hair feel good after using this product. It almost refreshes your hair and brings it back to life. Personally I find it adds moisture to my hair allowing it to be more manageable and tamed from frizz. You will feel like you just had a salon treatment with this product.
Use: Once a week on damp hair for about 30 minutes. The bottle states to only use it for 10 minutes but I have done both 10 minute and overnight treatments and find 30 minutes is the best since my hair is still damp when I wash it the product has not fully dried onto my hair. You can also increase use for up to three times a week if you have damaged hair.

No. 4 | Bond Maintenance Shampoo
I have tried countless brands and types of shampoos ranging from 100% natural to salon to drug store and no shampoo has made my hair physically feel squeaky clean like this one. It’s a thicker consistency which required me a few uses to determine the correct amount and method so note: a little goes a long way and I suggest mixing with a bit of water as it is highly concentrated.
Use: Twice a week. Because of this shampoo and my general hair type I only need to wash my hair twice a week (possibly three) so I’ll use this shampoo each time I wash it.

No. 5 | Bond Maintenance Conditioner
Great, thick, moisturizing, non greasy conditioner. I have yet to have a problem with this conditioner. It is moisturizing without leaving behind any residue or buildup. It also helps to tame my frizz and has yet to irritate my scalp like most conditioners tend to do.
Use: Twice a week. Again I only wash my hair twice a week so I will use this each time I wash it.

No. 6 | Bond Smoother
Definitely a fan of this product. Not only does it act as a heat protectant but it also helps with frizz, shine and overall just the appearance of my hair. It also adds that “salon smell” to your hair which lasts for days.
Use: I apply this to damp hair after I shower and allow my hair to air dry. You can definitely blow dry your hair after this product I just choose to limit that extra heat.

No. 7 | Bonding Oil
This is my last step in my Olaplex routine. It adds shine without making your hair oily or greasy. For myself I enjoy the ‘polished’ finish this adds and the extra ‘salon scent’ that this product has.
Use: I add this to my hair after it is styled. Whether that be straightened, curled or left natural a few drops of this goes a long way. I will also add this throughout the days I’m not washing my hair to help keep a healthy look to my hair.

Overall I am super happy with these products. Since using them I’ve had little to no frizz, my hair looks and feels healthier, it has great shine and I can go longer without needing to wash it. Olaplex has made my hair more manageable and overall more nourished. With the amazing scent and the quality of these products I feel like I’ve just left the salon every time I use them. I would highly recommend whether you think your hair is damaged or not.

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