Fashion | 8 Effortless Ways to Look More Put Together

I feel we are all going through a bit of a rough patch with our appearance during these trying times but I whether or not you are working from home or heading out and back to work I feel like these simple tips can help you to look more put together.

Dress in Monochrome
By dressing in a single colour you can instantly look like you’ve put more effort into your outfit then you actually have. I personally like to stick to a single colour top to bottom as your base then adding an additional neutral colour throughout such as in shoes, coats or handbags.

Layering another neutral over your outfit in the form of a coat or oversized cardigan can instantly make it look like you’ve put more effort into your outfit. Sticking to two colours will help prevent the outfit from becoming too overwhelming.

Cinch in Your Waist
Simply adding a belt or tucking in your top is going to accentuate your waste and breakup your outfit giving you more shape and making you look more put together. You can also opt for single pieces that have a tie waist like a dress or a jumpsuit.

Stick to fitted clothing. Anything loose fitting or baggy is automatically going to look more sloppy then a fitted outfit would. Try to stick to clothes that are more tailored to your body like pants that narrow at ankles and tops that fit properly in the shoulders.

Adding a simple pair of hoop earrings or layering a couple bracelets adds something more to a simple outfit. Stay away from statement pieces as they can sometimes be too much. Wrist watches can also be a super chic addition.

Wrinkle Free
Iron your steam your clothes. A white t-shirt can look a thousand times better just by steaming or ironing it. Not only does it improve the appearance of your clothes but it also make you look mot put together.

No Rips/ No Holes
For starters if you own anything with a rip to tear that is not intentionally there, reconsider why it’s in your closet. But in addition to that you should avoid wearing those on trend ripped jeans and holy shirts if you are trying to look like you’ve put a bit more effort into your look.

This should go without saying but if you want to look good you need to feel good. Aside from showering regularly, having maintained nails or styling your hair are a great way to improve your overall appearance. You don’t need to go to the extent of a full face of makeup but a simple chic slicked back ponytail or a clear coat of nail polish can take you a step further. Even consider what scent you’re wearing.

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Hello there! My name is Jacy Joan and I have a strong passion for all things beauty & fashion related. Alongside beauty & fashion I enjoy traveling, organizing, home decor, reading, living a healthy lifestyle & spending time with my friends & family. After attending College for Business Admin- Marketing and Environmental Science, I have not yet discovered what I plan to do. In hopes of figuring it out I have resulted to spending more time on what I am passionate about and focusing more on my blog. I hope that you enjoy what I have to share! - Jacy Joan xo

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